Friday, February 22, 2008

Soul Mate

I don't feel my hair looks any different, but I love to be consistent and make a post at least one per month for the year 2008. Plus, I still have not ironed out the kinks with the digital camera my twin sister gave me for Christmas. So I thought I would make my monthly contribution by sharing a poem written by someone I used to KNOW. I think it is a lovely poem and I just wanted to share the beauty of the words with blogland.

Soul Mate

Have you ever met someone you've never seen?
Have you ever closed your eyes and they appeared in your dreams?
Have you ever met someone without saying a word?
Have you ever met someone and they rattled your nerves?
The feeling you have for that special person is not something you can create
The person that has your mind, body, and soul could be your soul mate...

A soul mate is not a nice body or a pretty face
A soul mate will share their time and space
A soul mate will give you their all
A soul mate will take the hit, when you fall
A soul mate will lift you up, when you’re down
A soul mate will remain faithful, when you’re not around

Soul mates don’t give half of their hearts
Soul mates are never too far apart
Soul mates are not drawn together just through sex
Soul mates understand the meaning of love, honor, and respect
Soul mates are linked together at all times
Soul mates are tight like partners committing a crime
Soul mates don’t want something that is too fast
Soul mates want a LOVE that will last
Soul mates enjoy the feeling of that special touch
Soul mates will tell each other, when that’s not good enough

A soul mate commitment is not something you can learn
A soul mate obligation IS a bond that has to be earned
So if you ever meet that special person who blinds your heart and cause you to shake

I am a living witness that, that person, might be your SOUL MATE…