Thursday, December 27, 2007


Dear God (and anyone else out there reading me...),

Over the span of three days, I retightened my own hair. Thanks to my consultant who showed me the process, I am FREE... When I got my hair LOCKED I never imagined that I would be able to maintain it so early in the process. I am so appreciative and blessed.

I love that I did not have to feel rushed. I opened presents with my children, cooked dinner, played with my children and their Christmas toys, visited family, and more. I was in absolutely no rush with retightening my hair. But once I was in the flow of retightening my hair, I had to force myself to stop. I did not want to stop, but all of these other events required some of me.

My only issue was that my thumb and pointer finger required me to rest because they ached from fitting my locked hair through the tiny slot on the Nappy Lock tool. I believe as I do this more that finger aching will be a thing of the past.

It was actually a therapeutic and spiritual process for me as I handled my own hair, my mind released thoughts and I felt unburdened. One of those days I did not turn the TV on at all, most of the day I played Christian Christmas and Gospel music. I took this long to post this post (1/2/08) because I was waiting to get the pictures back from my sister who took them with her digital camera. I did get an opportunity to visit my consultant Creyole and she said I was doing a good job with my hair. I lost my first Nappy Lock tool when it fell down my sink, and I could not retrieve it. So when I replaced it, I bought two, just in case.

Sis RJQueen10

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