Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Hair is growing

Dear God (and anyone else out there reading me),

Here is a photo I took of myself the first week of March. It is now time to re-tighten my hair. After this is done, I will post agian. It is difficult at times not to compare my hair length to the amount of hair BlaqKofi's mother has accomplished over a similiar length of time of being lock. I remind myself we are a uniquely made.

Sis RJQueen10

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!!!--- It is time, It Is Time, IT IS TIME... for change!!!

A Woman's Strength

A woman has strengths that amaze me...

She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens

She holds happiness, love & opinions

She smiles when she feels like screaming

She sings when she feels like crying

She cries when she's happy, and laughs when shes afraid,
and her love is unconditional.

There's only one thing wrong with her: she forgets what she's worth!
Dear God (and anyone else out there reading me...)
This photo below is an attempt I made to curl and sytle my hair. I enjoyed the results. It was lots of work and it did not last a very long time, because I sweat really, really hard when I exercise. But it was a chance to try a new and different look! I love, Love, LOVE My Locks.
It is amazing to me, how many people are willing to trust me in their hair. Since Creyole, taught me to retighten my own hair, I have had numerous offers. It usually starts when people ask me who does My Locks. and after I state that I do the retightening, they quickly offer to pay me to do their hair. I remember being so, cautious, so concerned, and so careful it is still amazing how uninhibited others are concerning their head and their hair. Oh yes, it is completely flattering also, to God be the glory!!
This year my birthdate is going to be the coolest!!! 09/09/09! I am so ready to start celebrating for the whole month of September again!!! But I shall be patient, Patient, PATIENT!!!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Tongue Can Be Your Worst Enemy!!!

Your words, your dreams, and your thoughts have power to create conditions in your life. What you speak about, you can bring about.

If you keep saying you can't stand your job, you might lose your job.

If you keep saying you can't stand your body, your body can become sick.

If you keep saying you can't stand your car, your car could be stolen or just stop operating.

If you keep saying you're broke, guess what? You'll always be broke.

If you keep saying you can't trust a man or trust a woman, you will always find someone in your life to hurt and betray you.

If you keep saying you can't find a job, you will remain unemployed.

If you keep saying you can't find someone to love you or believe in you, your very thought will attract more experiences to confirm your beliefs.

If you keep talking about a divorce or break up in a relationship, then you might end up with it.

Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.

Don't be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.

Watch your Thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your Habits, they become character.
Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settle for.

Thought I would share this with you.
"In the search for me, I discovered truth.
In the search for truth, I discovered love.
In the search for love, I discovered God.
And in God, I have found everything."

I did not write this, however I agree with it COMPLETELY!

Sis. RJQueen10

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IT's OUR Birthday!!!

It is my and twin's birthday today! We have taken to celebrating each day in the month of September!

Sept 1, 2008 Pedicure and New Sunglasses for me and new Sunglasses for my Best Friend and Twin Sister, Grilled some Salmon and feasted on an awesome Chicken Salad (Labor Day off from Work)
Sept 2, 2008 Delivered New Sunglasses to Best Friend and Twin Sister (hung out for a while)
Sept 3, 2008 Worked Out Aerobics with T.S., Mama is helping us Celebrate each day, Made us dinner and bought us lovely brackets and matching necklaces, with the most heartfelt cards I have received in years! I even cried when my twin read her card out loud. She said since we are celebrating each day we can't open the second card til our actually birthday on the 9th!
Sept4, 2008 Worked Out Aerobics with T.S.
Sept 5, 2008 Children with Nana (on a date) and shopping bought new jeans and shirt to match.
Sept 6, 2008 Children with Nana --80 Minute Full Body Massage (26 Minutes Jacuzzi) and treated my T.S. and our (okay my favorite) restaurant Pappadeaux!
Sept 7, 2008 Church and our (okay my favorite) restaurant Pappadeaux! My T.S. had already opened her second birthday card. She mentions to me, you know there is money inside? I immediately ripped it opened. I am glad I did not lose the card, I had been carrying it with me everywhere. I will use the money to buy another lovely gift for my self!
Sept 8, 2008 My childen and I made my birthday cake (lemon flavor and lemon icing). I love them so much, they are so awesome.
Sept 8-12, 2008 church, Church, CHURCH, church, CHURCH! What better place to be on your birthday than in the presence of the LORD! I am honored.
Sept 13 -30 Just having fun and making it up as I (We) go!!!...

RJQueen10 (Photos will be added later--I need to get ready for work!!! and children ready for school!!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Locks... Blowing in the Wind!!!

Dear God, ( and anyone else out there reading me)...

I love My Locks and I love the progress of my self-LOVE experience! On September the 16th My Locks will be One years old. I just wanted to share a photo!

Sis. RJQueen10

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Miss Independent...

Dear God, (and everyone else out there reading me...)

A six foot four inch tall man interested in "talking to me" suggested that I listen to a song called Miss Independent by a young man named NeYo. The lyrics are as follows...

Ooh its something about just something about the way she moved I cant figure it out, there's something about her (about her) Say ooh theres something about, Kinda women that want you but dont need you Hey, i cant figure it out, there's something about her Cuz she walk like a boss, talk like a boss Manicured nalis, just sent the pedicure off She's fly effortlessly Cuz she move like a boss, do what a boss Do, she got me thinking about getting involved thats the kinda girl i need She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent Wont you come and spend a little time She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent Ooh the way you shine Miss independent Hey yeh yeh, yeh yeh, yeh yehhh mmm Ooh there's something about kinda woman that can do it for herself I look at her and it makes me proud, there's something about her there something ooh so sexy about the kinda women that dont even need my help She says she got it, she got it, no doubt, theres something about her Cuz she work like the boss, play like the boss Car and a crib, she about to pay em both off And her bills are paid on time She made for a boss, Soley a boss, Anything less, shes telling em to get lost Thats the girl that on my mind She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent Wont you come and spend a little time She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent ooh the way you shine Miss independent Yeh yehhh Her favourite thing, is to say dont worry i got it And everything she got, best believe she bought it She gon' steal my heart, aint no doubt about it, Girl your everything i need, said your everything i need She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent Wont you come and spend a little time She got her own thing Thats why i love her Miss independent Ooh the way you shine Miss independent Thats why i love her

Well, God, it is a nice song. However, I consider myself being a Christian and being Miss Independent clashing concepts for me, based on my interpretation of scripture. But I guess for the moment I am living in, newly single, newly independent, completed my Masters degree, new career, able to tithe in addition to my offerings, I need to figure out a way to mesh both concepts into the essence of Sis. RJQueen10. Because the reality is at work I am being groomed to be a BOSS, I walk, talk, act and look like a BOSS. But the reality is I rather be Wife, Mama, and resourceful Proverbs 31 Woman of God. In the meantime, "I'mma make it do what it do, baby"! I will glorify and magnify YOU, God!

Sis. RJQueen10

Friday, July 25, 2008

Because He's Black!!!

This older white guy asked his older black friend, 'Are you voting for Barack Obama just because he's black'?

So the older black guy fires back and says, 'Are you not voting for him because he's black?

Why can't I vote for him just cause he's black? Hell, in this country men are pulled over everyday just cause they're black, passed over for promotions just cause they're black, considered to be criminals just cause they're black, but you don't seem to have a problem with that.

This country was built with the sweat and whip of the slaves's backs, and now a descendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same country where we weren't even considered to be people, where we weren't allowed to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote, so you damn right I'm going to vote for him!
Not just because he's black, but because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to understand when my grandson says he wants to be president when he grows up, it is not a fairy tale but a short term goal, because he sees, understands, and knows, he can achieve, withstand, and do anything, just because he's black!
Me Too...!!!
Sis. RJQueen10

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Dear God, (and everyone else out there reading me...),

Well, as you can see I've been busy, Busy, BUSY! I will graduate with my Master's of Science degree in Healthcare Administration! Plus, God bestowed upon me full time employment in a career that will utilize both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. The most awesome thing, is life is going to get even better than it is right NOW! Thank you Jesus! The best of my story has never been told (because I have not lived it yet)! Self-LOVE is MANIFESTING!

I just wanted to take a quick study break and share these photos that I LOVE so much with you all out in blogland. Thanks for continuing to visit my spot. I will be back real, Real, REAL soon.

Please feel free to share, let me know you were here by leaving me a comment...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Six Month Anniversary

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading me...)
It was on a Sunday, six months ago, I realized an important milestone in my life as I completed my decision to LOCK my hair. (with my awesome consultant's assistance, of course.)

I am really appreciating the back of my hair's progress. I don't get to see it often, so I like this photo alot. I love the way my LOCKS feel. The back is progressing nicely and feels more settled than the front.

I am so liberated, I retightened my hair two days before these pictures were taken. It took me two days, done of course at my own pace. I was in no hurry!

I see myself everyday, so it really does not feel like there are any changes in my hair length, but I do know it IS growing. It is starting to lay down (hang) instead of sticking out in all directions! I look forward to this new look!

The front of my hair was the most challenge in retightening, I experienced lot's of slippage and so they took longer to retightened. But I am so appreciative that I have the ability to do something about them before they get completely out of hand.

Six months going strong and feeling proud!

Sis. RJQueen10

Friday, February 22, 2008

Soul Mate

I don't feel my hair looks any different, but I love to be consistent and make a post at least one per month for the year 2008. Plus, I still have not ironed out the kinks with the digital camera my twin sister gave me for Christmas. So I thought I would make my monthly contribution by sharing a poem written by someone I used to KNOW. I think it is a lovely poem and I just wanted to share the beauty of the words with blogland.

Soul Mate

Have you ever met someone you've never seen?
Have you ever closed your eyes and they appeared in your dreams?
Have you ever met someone without saying a word?
Have you ever met someone and they rattled your nerves?
The feeling you have for that special person is not something you can create
The person that has your mind, body, and soul could be your soul mate...

A soul mate is not a nice body or a pretty face
A soul mate will share their time and space
A soul mate will give you their all
A soul mate will take the hit, when you fall
A soul mate will lift you up, when you’re down
A soul mate will remain faithful, when you’re not around

Soul mates don’t give half of their hearts
Soul mates are never too far apart
Soul mates are not drawn together just through sex
Soul mates understand the meaning of love, honor, and respect
Soul mates are linked together at all times
Soul mates are tight like partners committing a crime
Soul mates don’t want something that is too fast
Soul mates want a LOVE that will last
Soul mates enjoy the feeling of that special touch
Soul mates will tell each other, when that’s not good enough

A soul mate commitment is not something you can learn
A soul mate obligation IS a bond that has to be earned
So if you ever meet that special person who blinds your heart and cause you to shake

I am a living witness that, that person, might be your SOUL MATE…