Monday, November 26, 2007

National Body Challenge 2008

I just want to thank all of you out in blogland who consistently come and visit my blog. My Locks are growing and changing progressively but photowise (I made that word up) they still look the same, so I am going to wait a little while longer before I post any photos. But one thing I learned that I really love is when I get My Locks retightened. I enjoy seeing my parts and how neat my hair looks. Thanks Creyole for EVERYTHING!

Okay, If anyone would like a FREE 8 week gym membership google "National Body Challenge 2008". Registration begins December 27, 2007. Every year in January they jumpstart fitness by giving free gym memberships and lots nutrition information. I've done it every year, since 2002. Last year I lost 30 pounds. It is just keeping the weight off, that is my biggest challenge. I believe 2008 will be my year!!!