Thursday, December 27, 2007


Dear God (and anyone else out there reading me...),

Over the span of three days, I retightened my own hair. Thanks to my consultant who showed me the process, I am FREE... When I got my hair LOCKED I never imagined that I would be able to maintain it so early in the process. I am so appreciative and blessed.

I love that I did not have to feel rushed. I opened presents with my children, cooked dinner, played with my children and their Christmas toys, visited family, and more. I was in absolutely no rush with retightening my hair. But once I was in the flow of retightening my hair, I had to force myself to stop. I did not want to stop, but all of these other events required some of me.

My only issue was that my thumb and pointer finger required me to rest because they ached from fitting my locked hair through the tiny slot on the Nappy Lock tool. I believe as I do this more that finger aching will be a thing of the past.

It was actually a therapeutic and spiritual process for me as I handled my own hair, my mind released thoughts and I felt unburdened. One of those days I did not turn the TV on at all, most of the day I played Christian Christmas and Gospel music. I took this long to post this post (1/2/08) because I was waiting to get the pictures back from my sister who took them with her digital camera. I did get an opportunity to visit my consultant Creyole and she said I was doing a good job with my hair. I lost my first Nappy Lock tool when it fell down my sink, and I could not retrieve it. So when I replaced it, I bought two, just in case.

Sis RJQueen10

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Monday, November 26, 2007

National Body Challenge 2008

I just want to thank all of you out in blogland who consistently come and visit my blog. My Locks are growing and changing progressively but photowise (I made that word up) they still look the same, so I am going to wait a little while longer before I post any photos. But one thing I learned that I really love is when I get My Locks retightened. I enjoy seeing my parts and how neat my hair looks. Thanks Creyole for EVERYTHING!

Okay, If anyone would like a FREE 8 week gym membership google "National Body Challenge 2008". Registration begins December 27, 2007. Every year in January they jumpstart fitness by giving free gym memberships and lots nutrition information. I've done it every year, since 2002. Last year I lost 30 pounds. It is just keeping the weight off, that is my biggest challenge. I believe 2008 will be my year!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My LOCKS Lift Me…

Dear God, (and everyone else out there reading me…)

Since you are omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent you are aware that I have actually been in a state of DEPRESSION, but as I drove home from my workout at the gym this morning I felt HAPPY for the first time in about three and a half months, my JOY is starting to reawaken too! I believe the feeling of Happiness is an external feeling and is controlled by things going on AROUND one’s life. I believe joy is an internal feeling and depends on the spiritual things going on IN one’s life. Thank you, God!

I LOVE my LOCKS, they are so liberating. My baby LOCKS are now three weeks and three days old and I have already had them retightened by the lovely Creyole. She also provided me with a stress relieving massage shampoo. My scalp tingled with relief and my voice box involuntarily released gratifying moan sounds. What a great shampoo, especially since I had gotten used to shampooing my hair every other day when I was kicking my short afro.

Wow, I feel surprised that my hair needed retightening. This is because there is growth, about ½ an inch, my hair has never grown this fast before. Actually keeping all the hair products and hair tools out of my hair is favorable to my new growth process. I feel so much more confident now that my hair has been retightened. I think I am kind of weird, because I am actually attracted to the parts showing in my hair. Before I got my LOCKS I read how some people did not like their parts showing. I don’t like my “kitchen” area that is growing out to be LOCKED one day, because it “looks” unruly. However, I really do not worry about it much especially since it is in the back out my head and I have to go out of my way to see my curly, kinky, coily, napps.

My simple regime consisted for the first three weeks of a spritz with some water that I tricked out with some Rosemary Tea, I got the recipe from bottom of page 45 “Going Natural” by Mireille Liong-A-Kong. I also cover my head at night when I go to sleep. That all, folks. I did not workout for two weeks because I was concerned my LOCKS would slip. I was timid about working out because when I work out, I sweat so hard and intense every part of myself is drenched like I stepped out a shower, especially my hair. Now I am at the gym on a regular basis, three times this week already I have not needed to spritz my hair every morning.

Although I was also afraid to touch my hair, I thought I would mess it up, I could not resist. I enjoy the course natural texture of my hair. I am not sure how to describe this touching sensation, but many of my hair strands in the back feel like what I image a LOCK to feel like.

I really like my spiked look and I look forward to the unknowns of how my LOCKS will behave as they continue to grow.

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response.

Sis. RJQueen10
Side Note to Self: I started with 3 inches of hair in the front and top, 2 inches in the back, and 1 inch and less near the nape of my neck.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Locks are BORN!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for those who continue to come to my sight and check on me (or check me out). My goal in life is to be a positive person and lately I have not felt positive. I am taking it one day at a time and realize I have a lot to be positive for. For example, my 35th birthday just passed on September 9, 2007.

This biggest and hugest present to myself are my “LOCKS”. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. My hair is oh, so SHORT—that is my only negative contemplation. I consider how for the last three months or so I have sported my SHORT afro (TWA), I want to carry this courage over into my ” LOCKS” hairstyle. My positivity was enhanced after I spoke with my consultant Creyole a week ago and she indicated that she has no issues with my hair length. So it is full forward ahead.

New Birth, New Beginnings... This is exactly what this process has felt like, conception and birth. After covering my natural hair up with braids for about four years. I started with two strand twisting my natural hair last December 2006. I learned to actually like the look, and texture of how my hair was made by God. Now I am ready to LOVE the freedom and joy God meant for me to experience with my own hair. I had an appointment to get Sisterlocks, cancelled because I wanted that "specific" person to do my hair. I started wearing my hair in a Tiny Afro, after a barber cut off half of my hair in an attempt to shape up my afro. I thought about dying my hair, adding the extentions back on, here I am approximately nine months later with LOCKS! Okay, they are not locked yet, but you know what I mean!

We started at 8:00 am and finished at 4:30 pm with a 30 minute lunch in between. So over all it only took 8 hours to birth my LOCKS! Creyole counted and I own 390 LOCKS, just as she predicted months ago. This woman knows her stuff, just as I knew she would. I am so proud, she is my IDEAL CONSULTANT!

P.S. Goodnapps blogspot was very encouraging to me as I wrestled with the shortness of my hair. She has her links to others blogspots catorized by short (TWA) starts, medium starts, long starts ,etcs. I went to the links with the short starts and I began to see that it was not only possible, but beautiful as well. Thanks Goodnapps!

Sis. RJQueen10

Monday, June 18, 2007

Movie Quote

Lions and tigers and RJQueen10, oh my!

Which movie was this quote from?

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Dear God, (BlackRussian and Choosen Vessel and everyone else out there reading...)

Now the rules: You have to choose 7 things to share about yourself. Then choose 7 people to tag. Now don't forget to post a comment on their blog informing the person that he/she has been tagged, so that they can join in on the fun. Okay, I tried to keep this FUN...

1) I was born with grey hair. I even have one strand of grey hair growing out of my right cheek. I always likened me having grey hair to mean that I was born with wisdom. So I am convinced when my whole head stats to grey, I will not cover it up to look younger or to hide my grey. Grey hair is such a beautiful sight to see.

2) Green is my favorite color, any shade of green. From the most uninteresting pale green to the deep luxurious hunter green, all shades of green. My man of God and my green wonder favorite colors are green as well. When I was growing up our grass was not green, it was kind of brown. So I thought if I wished hard enough then we would have green grass. Also money is the color green.

3) 10 is my favorite number. When I was younger and before I knew any better I wanted 10 of everything. 10 husbands, 10 children, everything in sets of 10. Then when I was the 4th grade the school showed us girls a video of a woman having a baby. That was the most effective birth control method ever; I did not get pregnant until I was 29 years old. Thank you God, for my double for my trouble blessings of twins—a boy and a girl.

4) I was debt free once before in my life. When I got divorced after 11 and ½ years of marriage, I assumed all but about $6,000 worth of our debt. Everything was in my name, except our house (it was in both of our names) and that one debt of about $6,000. Well in two years after my divorce, I (with God’s help) paid off $72,000 worth of debt. My $32,000 undergraduate student loans, various credit card debt (the most expensive credit cards had a limits and a matching balance of $5,000, $8,000 and another had a limit of $10,000), my automobile (it is a real nice thing to drive your vehicle and not owe anyone any money on it, except insurance of course). I am not currently debt free, but I can say in my lifetime: “I’ve been there, I’ve done that!”

5) I don’t advocate divorce. It took some deep soul searching and merciful help from God to forgive myself for not being able to hang in there despite all of the “stuff” my ex and I were going thru. My Ex is my first love. I also read a book by Dr. Miles Munroe "Single, Married, Separated & Life After Divorce". Because I did not give myself time to heal, my Man of God (my new husband) had to bear the burden of my hurt, pain, and unhealed heart. My recommendation is get yourself together before you get married and make sure your future husband has himself together otherwise, the marriage will be cloudy for quite some time like a bad storm. But remember, nothing is impossible with God. If we remain consistent and obedient to God’s Word eventually the clouds will give way to the shining SUN(SON). A marriage God’s way is the most ultimate ministry. So anyone out there considering marriage please take your time. You have the rest of your life. Go to a Word based church and get Understanding, and if marriage counseling is offered do not pass it up. Listen to the counseling you receive, if the recommendation is against marriage—DON’T GET MARRIED, WAIT until the healings manifest.

6) Even though I am 6 feet tall, 72 inches. I love wearing high heeled shoes. I currently have two pairs of 4 inch heels. I think they are sexy, Sexy, SEXY. I like that whoever made them, made the heel wide enough so that I don’t break my neck trying to walk in them. I feel like royalty when I have on my heels, almost everyone I encounter is shorter than me. My husband is even shorter than me when I wear heels. He says he does not have a problem with it, so I wear my heels with sass and confidence!

7) If I had my whole life to live all over again I would not change a single solid thing. For All of the pain and trauma I went thru that built up the character and compassion in me. For All of the happiness that makes life worth living. For All of the mistakes I have made, and for many of the things I did “just right”. I would not change nothing; I would not change anything. In my 34 and ½ years of life, I have experienced many of life’s highest highs and some of life’s lowest lows. I have had it all and I lost it all, because I got caught up and started thinking I had done this on my own. God simply wanted to refocus where my attention really should be, on HIM. God humbled me and help bring me back down to my knees, my head is still held high because I look towards the Heavens where MY help comes from. Now, God has given me back EVERTHING I lost in double portions. I have lived my life not KNOWING God (yet as I reflect back over my life, God has been here all along). I am living my life KNOWING God and it is the sweetest, Sweetest, SWEETEST joy I know. Thank you God for the life you have given ME!
If anyone out there besides God is reading, feel free to share and post a response.
Sis. RJQueen10

Friday, June 1, 2007

One Step Backwards --Two Go Forward...

Dear God (and anyone else out there reading my blog...)

I am not going to be hard on myself, but I sort of feel like I took one step backwards in my self-LOVE experience. I know, Know, KNOW wearing braids is not the better option for my hair! Yet, here I am kicking my braids for the moment! I am kind of reminded about this when I think of my natural wearing Friend and Sister in Christ. She said I can call her Porsha83. I want to commit to myself that when it is time to take these braids down, I am going to stay natural no matter what. Perhaps, if I "put it in writing" I will be able to ...

I am so late doing this, but here are a few of pictures of Porsha83 . She is my girl, and the “girl” in my graduate program that I wrote about on my first blog post dated Wednesday, February 28, 2007, “Being Natural is True Freedom and Internal Joy”. Her hair is so beautiful to me and so is she. Her hair is so full. It is so textured. I thank you God for the courage this lady has helped me capture. It is such an experience in self-LOVE to go from wearing braids in my hair, to confidently wearing my own natural, textured, short, kinky, coily, wavy, nappy hair. I am looking forward to the next stage (LOCKING MY HAIR).

She told me in class the other day; she is going to lock her hair in the near future too. I believe without a shadow of a doubt this will be so perfect for her, she will be PHENOMENAL!

She is a hair inspiration for me because she started her natural self-LOVE experience with the Big Chop, rocked her TWA and now two years later has abundant beautiful mass of lengthy, voluminous, healthy, natural hair.

Porsha83, if you are reading this, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for helping me get to the “next level” with your excellent support, your true compassion, and your great conversations. I am glad I KNOW YOU!

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response.

Sis. RJQueen10

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Blog Personality

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

I am in the process of reading TRAs blogspot from beginning to end (it is such rewarding readings). On it I found this link! I really agree with the interpretation, so I decided to post and share it on my blogspot! Now ya KNOW! I usually express myself daily with God, offline in a personal journal, now I am able to enhance this and share my relationship with God to people I will never meet in person and perhaps some I may actually meet. I do like to post pictures creatively, however I got a virus on my computer and I needed to stick to the basics so as not to put my computer off line. That is why recently I have not posted slide shows etc. I need to ask Blaq, has she had any virus problems and if so how did she overcome them. My computer had gotten really slow, locked up and then began to crash competely. Thank you God, my laptop it is under warranty, and everything is straight right now. Every subject I blog about, I think about it carefully and I try to completely express myself and learn more about who I AM and who I AM growing into! My blog is important to me, but I try to disicipline myself against it's addictiveness by controlling and limiting my blogging days and time. Once per week while graduate classes are in session. Classes start back for me Tuesday evening, May 29th. I am careful about who I share my blog with, I printed up some designhergal cards (I need to post a copy to my blogspot. I think it is so ME), but I have been real limiting on who I pass them out to. I am pretty open and transparent here on my blogspot, well about as open and transparent as one can truly be ONLINE, and if someone I know in "real life" wants to KNOW me, I kinda of want them to take that time with me and learn me. That is part of the reason why I take the time to read other people's blogspots from beginning to end. I am "taking the time" and I enjoy when people reciprocate that behavior with ME.

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...And the next, you're passionately writing about your pet causes.Your blog is very important - and you're careful about who you share it with.
Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and opinions...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My IDEAL Consultant...

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading…)

After I starting to read Cashana’s blogspot from beginning to end. I discovered something NEW about myself and my feelings about the IDEAL consultant for ME

It is important to have a connection with your consultant. Well, it IS important to ME. Professionalism is key, but I want more than just a superficial, polite you are my customer-consultant connection. This whole process is new to me and I want to be coached, and to be trained on how to manage and understand my own hair. I want to be told things I would not even think to ask questions about, like lock sizing, or Wheatgrass Smoothies. Even though I am known to ask lots of questions, I may not know the correct ones or the specific ones to ask. I want to be able to ask questions that may seem "stupid" but were given respect and answered by my consultant, like what is my hairtype? If a person does not know the answer to a question, then it is NOT a “stupid” question. If she could not answer them at the present I would like to be told she would find the answers for me or something progressive like that.

I want to know that my consultant would be there for me throughout the whole process, until I became independent and able to maintain and retighten my own hair. I want to know that once I become independent and I need help with my hair and I need grooming or whatever, I want to be able to know that she will be able to fit me into her schedule within a reasonable timeframe.

Last but not least, I want a relationship. I want to be a reciprocal source of positive energy, and spiritual maturity for my consultant. If her day is cloudy or hazy I would like to add my SUNSHINE to it. I know, Know, KNOW I am not asking for too much!

Now that I have identified this about myself, I love knowing this is how I FEEL! Thank you God! Now that you have helped me defined this, In Jesus' name, I know and trust you will reward me exceedingly and abundantly above my request. Amen.

Sis. RJQueen10

P.S. The attached pictures are for Ms. Stella. At the time I thought my short Jheri curl was NOT working, I was 18 years old, my freshman year in college. We went to New York with the National Society Black of Engineers -- NSBE. Hindsight... I actually like that phase of my life. I wish I could have enjoyed it more as I went thru it. I loved the second picture the most, I was 17 years old, one of my high school senior class pictures. Wow! The third picture of me at 34 years old. Taking a picture of myself while I'm driving my husband's long truck!. This September I am going to be 35 years old, times flies when you are having fun with 4 year old twins!

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sisterlocks™, Braidlocks, Nappylocs, Afro, Two-Strand Twists, Braided Extensions…

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

Just when I thought I knew all I needed to KNOW, I learn that there is more out there that you want me to KNOW. Well I decided that I like my natural hair. It is especially fun hair after a hard workout at the gym and I take one of those fabulous hair washing combination showers. I really dig the freedom of this self-LOVE experience.

The hardest part about being natural is learning how to manage my kinky, coily, wavy, curly, spongy, nappy hair texture so that I still look and feel feminine. I don’t like short hair on ME. Now, that I visited the barbershop for the first time in my life, my shaped up afro is really short, Short, SHORT. I DONT LIKE IT. I took my son in to get his haircut …well, I don’t’ even want to go into the details I took pictures and I will let them speak for themselves. One thing that I was able to learn to tolerate in my mind was that even though my hair looked short it really was not as short as it appeared to be. I have spongy hair that really draws up. I learned and have recently re-confirmed that I am tired of having other people in my hair. My self-esteem and self-confidence must still be weak (stronger than in the past, but still weak), so I know with your help God I will overcome this.

Sisterlocks™ symbolized freedom and healing to me. Although it is very challenging for me to wrap myself around the cost of this hair and life style, I DID! I consider myself a high quality female. But to go from spending approximately $350 every six months to approximately $3000 in six months has been really hard for me to wrap my mind around. But against all logic to my income situation and checking account I was going to do Sisterlocks™ anyway because I wanted to UPGRADE in my level of personal care. I rationalized that I am an heir to God’s kingdom and my inheritance entitlement means that I am worthy and valuable of the very BEST!

Now my biggest challenge as I kick my natural hair, is not to go back to braid extensions. I really like caring for my own hair and not being at the whim and mercy of some over-confident-because they are CERTIFIED LISENCED beautician barber consultant and/or whatever they want, Need, or HAVE to call, Identify, or LABEL themselves.

If my hair is going to be jacked up in the future, I WILL be responsible for it. I will find more books, more people who are willing to share the techniques and not just in it for the income. Because I am not in this to become dependent on someone else to care for my hair, I want to be independently, free, Free, FREE.

With my hair this short I feel like I have to do EXTRA just to look and feel feminine. I don’t like all of this EXTRA hoop-a-la I am putting myself thru so I can look like a woman. I am praying for the strength to stay natural and not hook myself up with some braid extensions.

Hopefully this post is not hypocritical to any of my previous blog posts, hopefully this post is not negative because God I know every situation YOU create in my life has always worked out for the GOoD. In Jesus' name, Amen.
* Everthing is cool...
If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...
Sis. RJQueen10

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CREYOLE, she is such an Inspiration...


Have you seen BlaqKofi’s latest blog? Dated Sunday April 22, 2007? Before I begin, let me just say… I AM YOUR BIGGEST ADMIRER, besides your immediate and extended family of course. Okay here is an excerpt from Blaq’s post:

“Four years ago, I met a sister with small, gorgeous, neat locks in Tom Thumb on Sycamore School Road in Fort Worth, Texas and asked, "are those dreads?" "No they are called Sisterlocks. Go to and check them out." I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed on that fateful day.

That Tom Thumb has since closed...I often wonder about the sister who opened the SL door for me, wish I had of gotten her name or number so that I could tell her how she contributed to my Natural Awakenings...

but also,

so that she could see

BlaqKofi on loc'down.I think she would be proud.”

Well you are “that sister, who introduced me to Sisterlocks”. I am blessed, Blessed, BLESSED because I know your name and I know your phone number. I am able to tell you over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again how much you have contributed to “My self-LOVE Experience”. You have been such a patient and gentle friend and probably don’t even know it. Here is a summary of what you have done for me so FAR…

1) You told me about your hair.

2) You gave my your designerhergal business card with your blogspot address on it.

3) You created an informative, insightful, and transparent blog about your hair, your spirituality, your family, and your general perspective on life. I learned so much here as I read it from beginning to end and eagerly wait for new posts.

4) You invited me to the WACO Sisterlocks gathering (I got food poisoning and missed the event because I was in the emergency room getting rehydrated!)

5) You forwarded me to BlaqKofi’s blogspot, which of course I read from beginning to end. I now have two beautiful ladies of Sisterlocks whom I admire for their growth, openness, and thoroughness of helping other sisters along in their Sisterlocks JOURNEY or self-LOVE experience. As I have read your blogspots from beginning to end.

6) You told me about the Dr. Cornwell meet and greet event at GIGIs.

7) You help me overcome my trama with the initial costs of obtaining and maintaining Sisterlocks. You did not invalidate my concerns, you helped me search within inside myself of what is really, Really, REALLY important to and for ME. I now am able to see myself as worthy and valuable of sporting Sisterlocks.

8) You are consistent with your self and your Sisterlocks. I like your detail-orientedness (Smile, because I think I made that word up) when it comes to your hair, its upkeep, and understanding its naturalness.

9) You inspire me, inspite of yourself, because each time I have had the opportunity to be in your presense (be it on your blogspot, at the gym, at a Sisterlocks event, or over the telephone) you have been completely down to earth, welcoming, friendly, and patient.

10) You recommended GIGI and Elaine and you don’t make me feel like I am as wishy washy as I have been when it came to gaining an understanding of Sisterlocks and RJQueen10’s self-LOVE experience.

So if the truth be told you have what it takes to be a SISTERLOCKS CONSULTANT and so much more. I just want to thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for being Creyole. Thank you God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for allowing our paths to cross!

I was going to post this as a comment on your blogspot, but it got kinda of lengthy. So I decided to park it at my spot and pray that you will see it one day. Now let me end this and get to working on my take home final exam. God is good, I earned a 92 on my midterm exam and it is worth 50% of my grade. This final is worth 40%!

To everyone else out there reading, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for coming to my blogspot and reading my thoughts and reading my praises to God and my conversations with God.

Special thank yous to muslimahlocs and Aya for not only visiting my blogspot, but taking time out of their schedules to leave me a comment. I do appreciate you! Feedback really is important and comforting.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to BlaqKofi for being Blaq. I read your latest posts! Congratulations grandma or nana or what will you natural hair care wearing first grandchild call you? I love Malcolm’s name, it is such a strong name. That name goes back a very long way with me, I was going to name my first son Malcolm Alexander -------. But God knew what was best for me and gave me a Boy and a Girl, Twins.

Let me forcefully pull myself away from this blog! Until the next post….

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

Sis. RJQueen10

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

I orignially wrote this as a comment on Chosen Vessel's blog spot. After I wrote it I then thought it would be excellent to place it here on my blog spot as a post, so here goes!

Thank you for your boldness in Jesus Christ. Today is/was an excellent day. Of course our church was overflowing with people who don't come to church often. But these people have enough respect for Jesus to know of all days this is one day they need to come to His house and hear a Word from Him. So I welcomed their presence and I tried to help make them feel comfortable enough to want to come back again. God is good!

Our Sermon today was on a familiar passage 1 Corinthians 15:3-8.

3For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, 5and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve. 6After that He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen sleep. 7After that He was seen by James, then by all apostles. 8Then last of all He was seen by me also, as by one born out of due time.

When I first heard this sermon at our church either two or three years ago, the most amazing part of this scripture for me then was how over 500 people at the same time witnessed the risen Christ. This statement alone eliminates any doubt of the possibilities of Christ rising from the dead. He IS risen! There were so many people who could verify this TRUTH! Why would over 500 people lie about the exact same thing?

Well what I learned this Resurrection Sunday is Jesus Keeps on Hanging Around. He showed Himself to Cephas, better known as Peter. Peter did not deny Jesus once, Peter denied Jesus three times. This completely destroyed Peter and left him wide open for satan to complete his attacked on Peter. Yet Jesus went to Cephas after he rose. Jesus restored the most broken, vulnerable person first. Then he showed Himself to the 12 disciples, they shared intimate relationships with Jesus and yet could not prevent his death on the cross nor die on the cross with Him. I am sure His resurrection offered renewed faith and hope to them. Then it was like Jesus was on tour, because over 500 Christians saw Jesus at the same time. He showed Himself to His brother James, who was more probable to have been among those who rejected Jesus when Jesus went to His hometown to minister, heal, and deliver. James, upon witnessing Jesus' death on the cross, probably thought to himself, Wow, Jesus IS REAL! Here Jesus is dying on this cross yet He is still being consistent to His ministry of love and forgiveness He preached about all His life. James probably felt devastated to find truth in Jesus at the last minute, right before Jesus' death. Too late??? No, Jesus hung around long enough to let James know he is forgiven. Then Jesus showed Himself to the rest of the apostles.

Yet, the most significant, powerful, and amazing sighting of the risen Jesus, is by Paul himself. Paul is a symbol for all of us today that it is NOT too late to get to know JESUS! Paul did not see nor know Jesus while Jesus was alive. Paul came to BELIEVE after Jesus' death. Paul formerly known as Saul is a true symbol that God is a God of second chances.

So I pray, in Jesus' mighty and anointed name, if anyone out there who does not know Jesus. Come home. If there is anyone out there who knows of Jesus and turn their back on Him and returned to the world's way of sinful living. Come home. God is a forgiving, loving, kind, just God and He wants us all to come home to His Kingdom. Amen!

Jesus, thank you for taking the time before you ascended to be at he right hand of God, to let the world know You are a LIVING GOD! Amen!

Sis. RJQueen10

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

What has been happening with ME...!

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading…)

God, I just wanted to give thanks to everyone who has taken time to come visit my blog spot. I want to give special thank yous for those who take additional time out of their schedule and leave me a comment. Most importantly, God, I want to give thank yous to everyone for being patient with me. In addition to being a Mama of 4 year old twins, I am a graduate student. When classes are in session I will make a post weekly, when classes are not in session I will try to make a post daily.

Well I started with 10 test locks. Four in the front and six in the back. Currently I am wearing my hair in two-strand twists. Well this morning as I was getting ready to attend church I re-twisted some strands that had come a loose in the back. I noticed I now only have ONE test Sisterlock™ left in the back. The four in the front are still going strong. I guess it is time to put a call in to my consultant to first verify my scheduled May 10, 2007 appointment, second to express eagerness of accepting any cancelled appointment slot, and three to talk to her about my five back test Sisterlocks™ coming down, disappearing. Will this be a problem area for me when I get my full head of Sisterlocks™? If I notice my Sisterlocks™ are getting loose (slipping) is there anything I can personally do about it? What are my options, if any? I am really not that worried at this point, it is just interesting to note how different sections of my head responded to Sisterlocks™ I knew I was grateful for ALL of this time for some reason.

Note to self: Be real careful about the back of my head when I get my Sisterlocks™!

I am at a new gym for four weeks, well I have about 10 more days left on a four week pass. It has been a great experience, because it is my husband’s gym. I have had several opportunities to actually workout with him, while our children were in the daycare area. I enjoyed this experience a lot. My husband is really noticing my weight loss, and my seriousness about my workouts! He taught me how to use some of the machines I did not know how to use before. He also praised me for my “good form”.

I saw Ms. Y at this gym twice so far, who I met at the Sisterlocks™ meet and greet. On the second day, Ms. Y talked me into taking a spinning class. Well, let me tell you! I represented, I was hyped, Hyped, HYPED! I kept paced with most of the seasoned class members and even exceeded the paced of a couple of spinning class veterans. But my body paid for it the next day-Friday, and the day after that-Saturday, and today is Sunday and still feel slight tenderness in places I did not know muscles existed! It was a fun and great cardio experience I will try it a couple of more times before my free gym pass expires. I am serious about my workouts!

Speaking on that I joined a new gym! My old gym was just that OLD! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful and like a complainer, I am just telling the truth! Thank you God for improving my FREE gym membership options! After I have spent about 15 weeks at new and up to date gyms, it was impossible to go back to the old. I have to drive 27 miles to my new gym, but it is worth the drive! They have childcare options for my children; all of the equipment is new, New, NEW. The equipment is state of the art! There are TVs and radio ON the actual elliptical machines, in addition to surrounding Flat Screen TVs. There is an upstairs and a downstairs area. I did not even make it upstairs on my first visit this Saturday.

I was giddy with excitement and energy! I took an Abdominal and Back Core group exercise class that lasted 20 minutes. Then I got on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. I cut it short because I wanted to experience everything on my first visit; lately I’ve been doing 30 minutes to 60 minutes cardio sessions. I put on my bathing suit and I was in the steam room for 5 minutes and the Jacuzzi for 10 minutes. I took a wonderful shower and changed into warm street clothes. It actually snowed in Texas USA this Saturday. It was light flaky snow that did not affect the roads, but it was snow and cold none-the-less.

This gym even has a Smoothie bar, so you know I got caught up. I added so much to what started off as a based 20oz Smoothie for $3.25 by the time I was finished, mine costs $7.50. It was a most delicious smoothie, it tasted like a PiƱa Cola! It was called Tropical Oasis, and it had pineapples, coconut, and mango. I added Wheatgrass powder, Spirulina powder, Soy Protein powder, and Glutamine powder. I have to investigate this further on my future visits, but I believe the lady who prepared it said it only contained about 325 calories. She also said because I added the stuff I added I could use my smoothie as a meal replacement. I consumed the smoothie about 1:30 pm and I did not get hungry again until about 5:00pm.

Thank You God for my outstanding visiting gyms experience--threee different gyms so far, and my NEW free gym In JesusName, Amen!

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

Sis. RJQueen10

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Meet and Greet With Dr. Cornwell...

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading…)

Here is my version of the DFW Sisterlocks™ Meet and Greet With Dr. Cornwell. First I want to say, excellent, Excellent, EXCELLENT job GiGi, BlaqKofi, Maryee, Jen, Diane and there were two more ladies I don’t know there names (apologies). They made us feel catered to and comfortable.

When I first walked into the banquet room I felt the ambience of the warmth and beauty of Sisterlocks™ live and in person. The tables were nicely decorated with cloth fabric; food was served buffet style yet with the elegance of a sit down meal. Dinner was grilled or smoked salmon, Creamy Alfredo pasta with chicken breast, a Cesar salad, tasty dinner roll, and last but not least there was a variety of cake for dessert. There was an option of red wine, white wine, and/or the most delicious tasting sweeten tea ever (I had two glasses). Ms. Y teased me because I was the only one at our table drinking tea. I proudly proclaim that I no longer consume alcohol beverages. I give you all of the glory for that Lord. I so enjoyed fellowshipping with Ms. Y. I need to look for her at the most current gym I am attending.

Next, the beautiful ladies I met and experienced. I was proud to see my inspiration, Creyole, show up with her beautiful daughter Praline. Praline graced our ears with her deep and throaty version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" a 1965 single by R&B singer-songwriter Sam Cooke, written and first recorded in 1963. Though only a modest hit for Cooke in comparison with his previous singles, the song became one of his first blatantly political songs, and came to exemplify the sixties Civil Rights Movement. The song has gained in popularity and critical acclaim in the decades since its release. Little Ms. Praline, can definitely sing, Sing, SING! This is definitely a great song to symbolize the Sisterlocks™ self-LOVE experience.

Next I got a chance to meet Blaqkofi this is my living, walking, talking, breathing testimony of Sisterlocks™. I admire this woman and her spirit very, Very, VERY much.
I met Blaq’s sister, Ms. T #1, who is just as pleasant as BlaqKofi. I liked her instantly.

I met an awesome lady whom I sat next to at dinner. She has such an inspiring testimony, let me see if I can retell it without taking away from it. I am going to call her, Ms. T. #2, She showed me a photo of herself with glorious long shoulder length thick permed hair. It was enviously beautiful. She said she cut it all off, to support her sister who was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through treatments. She wanted to show her sister that it IS JUST hair. Now, Ms. T’s #2 hair is probably two inches long and she was recently Sisterlocked™. God, life is so amazing when are blessed to meet people who are not just living for themselves. Now that is support!

I met Musilmahlocs and her most beautiful daughter is just gorgeous, Gorgeous, GEOGEOUS! I met AllyH20 (I need to go to her blog site real soon) and Ms. S. Ms. S. shared with me that before she got her Sisterlocks™ she a bald patch in her hair, the resulting damage from wearing perms. She said she went to a white doctor and the doctor asked her why does she not wear her hair natural? Ms. S. said the doctor gave her some shots of cortisone (I think she said cortisone) in her head and that stimulated the return of hair growth. She said it was not until she witnessed a lady sporting an afro and she asked the lady "Is that your natural hair without any chemicals added to it?" The lady answered yes! She said she immediately went to get the perm chemicals cut off, she said before she lost the courage. Now seven years later Ms. S’s Sisterlocks™ extend past her shoulders. Ms. S. story is significant to me, because she touched on the key component to being natural, after so many years of mis-educated torment… IT TAKES COURAGE TO BE NATURAL!

God, I felt like such a groupie at the Sisterlocks™ meet and greet Dr. Cornwell. I bought four Sisterlocks™ Lifestyle Journals and the “All About Love” Poetry Book by Dr. Cornwell. I asked her to sign all of my books, and she did. I wish I had brought my “A Tapestry of Dreams” The Sisterlocks™ Book. I have never in my life jocked anything, or anyone, with the exception of Jesus Christ Himself. God, you know I have a fanatical, radical, mathematical admiration of Jesus! I was truly a fan, Fan, FAN at the Meet and Greet with Dr. Cornwell. She never acted irritated with me in any way. Thank your Dr. Cornwell for your time, presence, and your love for all of us.

Something Dr. Cornwell shared with us that I did not KNOW. Essentially we all know Sisterlocks™ cost so much on the front end of the process. (After a minimum of six months to a year, there is financial freedom and beautician freedom for the rest of your life—if you want to go and get retightening sessions you can and if you don’t want to you don’t have to). Dr. Cornwell shared with us that after she trains a consultant she no longer receives any income from that consultant. I thought this information made Dr. Cornwell more real, extra transparent, and even slightly vulnerable. This type of sharing impressed me because I was reading in “Hair Story” by Ayana D. Byrd and Lori L. Tharps how Madame C.J. Walker and Annie Turnbo Malone had a sort of pyramid type business. Well I just assumed, until actually meeting Dr. Cornwell that Sisterlocks™ was that type of business as well. Dr. Cornwell stated that the majority income comes from The Sisterlocks™ Lifestyle Journals, The DVDs, the specially formulated Sisterlocks™ hair care products, and any other items they sell under Sisterlocks™. Dr. Cornwell did not ask me to write any of this. I personally hope she is not offended by me writing this. But I just want to appeal to anyone out there who is not using Sisterlocks™ products, let us start supporting the company that gave us this freedom in the first place, before we go out and use products by white owned companies, disguising their products as if they are black owned.

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

self-Love for REAL...

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading…),

I have been over there reading Maryee Sisterlock Journey blog from of course “Beginning to End” Her posts "What a woman's hair says about her " at and
"My Two-Year Anniversary is Today!" at
I love these posts. I needed these posts. I am glad she is sharing (has shared) herself with those of us to follow in her footprints. This is needed therapy for my soul.

I was feeling kind of discouraged for the last two days, because I will have to wait until May 10, 2007, to get my Sisterlocks™. But after reading a few posts Maryee at site, having my girl Creyole return, and a new post at BlaqKofi, I have renewed resiliency to be patience and wait, and not do something desperate and immature. Like get braids (I had made an appointment for next Tuesday—I am going to call and cancel) or worse (there is always a WORSE)... I must remind myself that with your help God, I am creating a self-LOVE experience. There is no time for drama!

Classes start back for me tonight, so I will be here but not on a daily basis! I want to keep up my high gpa. I am addicted to bloggin’ so I will not stay away too long.

Lord, appreciate you. I confess all of my sins to you, those I know of and those that I have committed and don’t know about. I am ever thankful to you for my exceeding and abundant blessings, my husband, my twins, and my sound mind, I come to you in supplication on my own behalf, please continue to teach me how to love the RJQueen10 You created Me to be. I don't want to be false anymore, covering myself up because I am ashamed of the natural me. Also please allow a spot to become available sooner with my consulatant GIGI, an availablitity that is good for both of our schedules. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Sis. RJQueen10

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Intial Consulation...

Dear God (and anyone else out there reading...),

I have 10 test locks. What an appropriate number! I did not even think about it until just now. I have four in the very front and six in the back. They are size 4 and size 3, now I am not going to even pretend I know what this means. GIGI my consultant said, it will not make much different to me. But she is watching for how my hair responds to the different sizes.

My initial consultation went perfectly, I love, Love, LOVE GIGI! I am so excited about Sisterlocks™, MY Sisterlocks™ I wish I could have them today! That was the only disappointment! During our previous conversations on the phone it never occurred for me to schedule my appointments after my initial consultation, so I have to wait until May 10, 2007 to get my Sisterlocks™, bah humbug! She is a booked up until then. But I learned, and we scheduled three up coming future appointments. GIGI said if an earlier available space comes up she will keep me in mind. So I am praying some will cancel their current spot and reschedule it for a later date and allow me to get my Sisterlocks™ as soon as possible. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

GIGI says she is only 5 feet 3 inches tall, but she carries herself taller. I am six feet tall, by the way. She is very professional. Her Spirit is lovely, patience, and joyful. I am glad Creyole recommended her to me. I am grateful that BlaqKofi is a living, breathing, walking testimony for me. Thank you, ladies. At one point, I asked her why she was smiling so, she said, “I am just smiling back at you, because you are smiling at me”.

I left GIGI on a natural high (by the way God, those are the best highs in this world). I had questions that came up and I forgot to ask them. But I will call her, when my brain clears up. So if I have to wait until May 10, 2007 that is just more of an opportunity for me to LEARN and to LOVE my hair. I am patient, because this has already turned out to be a better experience than any hair path I have ever taken before in my lifetime.

When I comb my hair later today, I will take pictures of my test locks and post them onto this blog post. My husband, asked,”Are they all going to be that tiny? That is going to take forever to get them all in your head.”

In Jesus’ Name, Amen
Sis. RJQueen10

If anyone else out there is listening besides God, feel free to share and post a response...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Blessing, My Husband...

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

I just come to you again, and I thank you for blessing me with my husband. I try to learn everyday (like Chosen Vessel) to be more of a proverbs 31 woman and wife. My huband's poem to me is a confirmation, that I am on the right path. I give all the glory and honor to you God.

As I am starting a new birth of RJQueen10, my husband has been very patient with me, (I got to addicted to bloggin', I did not keep our home as clean as it could be). He is educating himself as much as it possible for a bald headed man, about my hair trama to hair triumph story. (I've showed him Creyole's and BlaqKofi's blogspot and beautiful hair). He always says to me, "RJQueen10, what do I know? I don't have any hair?" Although he can't agree with the costs of Sisterlocks™ he is not hindering me from getting them. He has even suggested, without me having to try to sell him on it, that we get some Sisterlocks™ for our daughter.

So Lord, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU everyday for my husband. In Jesus' Name, Amen

My Wife

If I could pick any woman to share my life
The woman I would choose, would be RJQueen10, my wife
My wife is six feet tall and not hard to miss
My wife always greets me with a hello and with a kiss
My wife came into my life when everything was a maybe
My wife, with God’s help, blessed me with twin babies
My wife is intelligent and she’s very smart
My wife doesn’t have half, but all of my heart
My wife is honest and hides nothing from me
My wife’s faith in God has set her free
My wife’s lifestyle has change, but not without a fight
My wife knows all things are possible through Jesus Christ
My wife supports me in everything I do
My wife shows me love no matter what were are going through
My wife has my love, my honor, and my respect
My wife isn’t just good she is the very best
RJQueen10 you are my friend, my lover and my wife
I thank God for adding you to my life
Even when things got hard and you wanted to leave and be free
You told me you asked God for a husband, and He gave you, me

Love your Husband

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To Color or Not To Color???

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

I made my decision last night. I was going to color my hair a bronze golden color. I called my consultant GIGI first to make sure this would not hinder my Sisterlocks™ process. I also wanted her opinion about the color I was considering. The first thing she mentioned is to have the coloring done before I get my Sisterlocks™ . She also said based upon photos on my blog... Wow! She visited my blog! I am so honored. Thank you, God. GiGi said based upon my photos that color will match my complexion. I had wanted to color because I wanted a visual of the contrast between where my hair started with Sisterlocks™ and where my hair was going with Sisterlocks™. I saw some beautiful color of some ladies' hair BlaqKofi, and a few others. I was visiting Maryee's blog yesterday and two days before she Sisterlocked™ she had her tresses colored. Even up to a year later she experienced dryness, she said it could have been previous perming or the color done right before she Sisterlock. I also read the truth about color in the book "No Lye" by Tulani Kinard and "Let's Talk Hair" by Pamela Ferrell. I came to the conclusion coloring is not for me. It would have been cool to enhance my hair with some Henna Dyes. But I will find a different way besides color to adorn my Sisterlocks™.

Does anyone out there have an opinion or experience about coloring their hair they would like to share with me, please do!

In Jesus' Name, Amen
Sis. RJQueen10

Monday, March 12, 2007

Where was I going with the perm?

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

What I disliked most about the perm, what I was completely dependent on my beautician for haircare. When I could afford it, I saw my beautician every two weeks. But regardless my hair continued to get shorter and shorter and shorter. I had to suffer through salon gossip. They thought I was strange because I would go with my Franklin Planner and schedule my life. I heard comments from the older ladies such as "this is my time to relax", etc. My objective was to tune them all out and mind my own business.

Of course, I thought in order to be considered professional I had to have my hair permed. That was very stressful to me. I did not like the hairsytle, yet I perceived it was something I had to do, to be accepted at work and to keep my career.

I see in the Sisterlocks™ hairstyle, everything I have always wanted my hair to be and beyond. My initial consultation is only 4 days away, March 16, 2007

In Jesus' Name,
Sis. RJQueen10

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Nice Dreads by Lonnice Brittenum Bonner

Dear God, (and anyone else out there reading...)

Thank you for creating people who took the time to figure out how to care for our natural hair and then took even more time to explain it to the rest of us.

Table of Contents © 2005
Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself... Again
1)Getting Started: Fruit of the Nappy Root
2)How Do You Wash Them?
3)The Wind in You Hair: Drying Your Locks
4)Tending Your Garden: Locked Hair Care
5)Locking 911
7)Working Up a Sweat
8)Manchild in the Dirty South
9)Love and Nappiness: Hair Inspiration
10)Your New Life as a Locked-Hair Diva

Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself... Again

In this chapter she shares her initial thoughts and apprehensions about locking her hair. She explains how she wanted her dreads to look pretty and attractive. And she describes how she started her own dreads and the mistakes she made and the lessons she learned. I think the most important point made in this chapter is to lay the proper foundation for your locked hairstyle.

Getting Started: Fruit of the Nappy

I say the biggest questions answered in this chapter are "Do I need to cut off my perm?" and "Can you take them out?" She gives details on the parts that make up a lock. There is also a section offering instruction on how to get started with locks. I quote, "The ideal situation is to have a loctician or braider start your locks for you". In otherwords, a professional.

Here is my plug for Sisterlocks™. The consultants must be certified, see the links to the right for the Official Sisterlocks™ website.

Root How Do You Wash Them?

She talks about the perception of "Nastiness" vs. "Dirtiness". There is a proper way and number of times to wash locked hair so that is will not smell, mildew, unlock, get flat, and more. She talks briefly about acidic rinses and hot oil treatments and conditioners.

I personally did not know you could do all of these things to locked hair. When I wore my braids all I did was wash them with Optimum Care shampoo. I was afraid the conditioner would build up and cause "matting" at the point where new growth came in and my hair was connected to the braid.

The Wind in You Hair: Drying Your Locks

A good tip I got from this chapter is: If you use hair dryers, only used them to help dry the locks, never to dry them completely.

Tending Your Garden: Locked Hair Care

Lonnice provides a "Basic Gear for Locked Hair" list. I also saw this when I visited Creyole's and BlaqKofi's blogspots. Their blogspots are very educational. She explains "The importance of Poppin' Your Locks". I love how she explains how to massage your scalp. I do this now and it actually takes away stress points, and stimulates growth. There is a section in this chapter on "Nighttime Lock Care". It is not just enough to just go to sleep on your locks, you must provide care to protect your locks and the moisture to your locks.

Locking 911

Problems can occur with locks, however many of the problems can be "headed off before they are irreversible". Have you lost a lock? It can be reattached. Do you have dandruff? It Maybe the products you are using on your hair and scalp. What about buildup? Weakened Locks? Lint? Mildew? If she does not answers all of your questions about these issues, at least she starts the discussion. You now have a point of reference to talk from with your consultant or loctician.


It is possible to color locks. There are some methods out that are less invasive. She recommends to "try simply enhancing your hair color".

I love BlaqKofi hair color, she does it herself. On her blog, she does not recommend that you color your locks. I want to color my hair, a bronze golden like color. I have never had my hair colored before in my life. But I want this color because I want to have visible contrast so I can watch my hair 's growth progress. Is that weird.? Well, anyway, I called my future consultant GIGI and asked her opinion, because I don't want to mess anything up to keep me from getting my Sisterlocks™. She said that color combination will compliment my skin tone, [SHE HAS READ MY BLOG, LORD!!! WOW!!! I am so humbled.] and definitely do it before I get my Sisterlocks™. If I do color, it will be the only time I do, in the future I may do some "natural" based coloring. Thank you again, Creyole for getting me hooked to bloggin'. Thank you BlaqKofi for "raving" about me.

Working Up a Sweat

She included an very strong section on how to wear proper ponytails to prevent "traction alopecia which is marked by a gradually receding hairline". I laughed out loud at the following part of her description, "...with great care not to pull the hair so sleekly and tightly against the skull that you get a nonsurgical facelit" .

I was delighted with the visual her description created for me. Because I actually did this to myself. I can laugh about it now. I am loving the Sisterlock™ hair and lifestyle, because I workout at least 4 days per week for at least 2 hours. I give God all of the glory for that discipline and wisdom in the areas of exercise. I saw Creyole in aerobics class with her beautiful Sisterlocks™ not missing a beat and gettin' her sweat on. At the end of the workout her hair was still well put together, "tamed". That is when I knew, Knew, KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Sisterlocks™ ARE for me. I am addicted to Jesus Christ, My Family, Working Out, Bloggin, and this list is growing each day.

Manchild in the Dirty South

In this chapter she showcases her son with dreads, the challenges with maintaining this style on her son, and deeper "psychological perceptions" she had to overcome.

It is my opinion that men and boys' hair, should be low cut and different from women's. But that is just my two cents, and everyone has their own feelings and thoughts about that. I am just glad my husband is bald--his hairline is... let me just call it "interesting" . He might read my blog and think I am talking about him, I'm not, I'm only telling the truth. We keep our son's hair low on the top and low fade into bald on the sides. But he has the coolest swirly wave pattern right in the front of his crown. The barbers have to be real careful or they will end up putting a "plug" in my son's head.

Love and Nappiness: Hair Inspiration Your New Life as a Locked-Hair Diva

There are lovely pictures of inspiring women of locks throughout this whole chapter, with a variety of careers. I am kinda of partial to pages 130 and 131, this mother and daughter are Sisterlocked™. One thing I like about this chapter is she does not force one style of dread on your or another style of dreads on you. She just shows you and assortment of pictures with different styles and you are able to make your own decision.

In my opinion, That is the way is should be.

She lists resources at the end of the book.

Lord, I want to be used in this post to help anyone who thought about reading the book, but have not. I recommend it as a must read and have for natural hair care. I enjoyed it, it did not take up too much of my time, and I learned so very much. I thank you God for Lonnice Brittenum Bonner and her books, specifically "Nice Dreads".

In Jesus' Name, Amen

God's Humble Servant, Sis. RJQueen10

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response