Monday, June 18, 2007

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Dear God, (BlackRussian and Choosen Vessel and everyone else out there reading...)

Now the rules: You have to choose 7 things to share about yourself. Then choose 7 people to tag. Now don't forget to post a comment on their blog informing the person that he/she has been tagged, so that they can join in on the fun. Okay, I tried to keep this FUN...

1) I was born with grey hair. I even have one strand of grey hair growing out of my right cheek. I always likened me having grey hair to mean that I was born with wisdom. So I am convinced when my whole head stats to grey, I will not cover it up to look younger or to hide my grey. Grey hair is such a beautiful sight to see.

2) Green is my favorite color, any shade of green. From the most uninteresting pale green to the deep luxurious hunter green, all shades of green. My man of God and my green wonder favorite colors are green as well. When I was growing up our grass was not green, it was kind of brown. So I thought if I wished hard enough then we would have green grass. Also money is the color green.

3) 10 is my favorite number. When I was younger and before I knew any better I wanted 10 of everything. 10 husbands, 10 children, everything in sets of 10. Then when I was the 4th grade the school showed us girls a video of a woman having a baby. That was the most effective birth control method ever; I did not get pregnant until I was 29 years old. Thank you God, for my double for my trouble blessings of twins—a boy and a girl.

4) I was debt free once before in my life. When I got divorced after 11 and ½ years of marriage, I assumed all but about $6,000 worth of our debt. Everything was in my name, except our house (it was in both of our names) and that one debt of about $6,000. Well in two years after my divorce, I (with God’s help) paid off $72,000 worth of debt. My $32,000 undergraduate student loans, various credit card debt (the most expensive credit cards had a limits and a matching balance of $5,000, $8,000 and another had a limit of $10,000), my automobile (it is a real nice thing to drive your vehicle and not owe anyone any money on it, except insurance of course). I am not currently debt free, but I can say in my lifetime: “I’ve been there, I’ve done that!”

5) I don’t advocate divorce. It took some deep soul searching and merciful help from God to forgive myself for not being able to hang in there despite all of the “stuff” my ex and I were going thru. My Ex is my first love. I also read a book by Dr. Miles Munroe "Single, Married, Separated & Life After Divorce". Because I did not give myself time to heal, my Man of God (my new husband) had to bear the burden of my hurt, pain, and unhealed heart. My recommendation is get yourself together before you get married and make sure your future husband has himself together otherwise, the marriage will be cloudy for quite some time like a bad storm. But remember, nothing is impossible with God. If we remain consistent and obedient to God’s Word eventually the clouds will give way to the shining SUN(SON). A marriage God’s way is the most ultimate ministry. So anyone out there considering marriage please take your time. You have the rest of your life. Go to a Word based church and get Understanding, and if marriage counseling is offered do not pass it up. Listen to the counseling you receive, if the recommendation is against marriage—DON’T GET MARRIED, WAIT until the healings manifest.

6) Even though I am 6 feet tall, 72 inches. I love wearing high heeled shoes. I currently have two pairs of 4 inch heels. I think they are sexy, Sexy, SEXY. I like that whoever made them, made the heel wide enough so that I don’t break my neck trying to walk in them. I feel like royalty when I have on my heels, almost everyone I encounter is shorter than me. My husband is even shorter than me when I wear heels. He says he does not have a problem with it, so I wear my heels with sass and confidence!

7) If I had my whole life to live all over again I would not change a single solid thing. For All of the pain and trauma I went thru that built up the character and compassion in me. For All of the happiness that makes life worth living. For All of the mistakes I have made, and for many of the things I did “just right”. I would not change nothing; I would not change anything. In my 34 and ½ years of life, I have experienced many of life’s highest highs and some of life’s lowest lows. I have had it all and I lost it all, because I got caught up and started thinking I had done this on my own. God simply wanted to refocus where my attention really should be, on HIM. God humbled me and help bring me back down to my knees, my head is still held high because I look towards the Heavens where MY help comes from. Now, God has given me back EVERTHING I lost in double portions. I have lived my life not KNOWING God (yet as I reflect back over my life, God has been here all along). I am living my life KNOWING God and it is the sweetest, Sweetest, SWEETEST joy I know. Thank you God for the life you have given ME!
If anyone out there besides God is reading, feel free to share and post a response.
Sis. RJQueen10

Friday, June 1, 2007

One Step Backwards --Two Go Forward...

Dear God (and anyone else out there reading my blog...)

I am not going to be hard on myself, but I sort of feel like I took one step backwards in my self-LOVE experience. I know, Know, KNOW wearing braids is not the better option for my hair! Yet, here I am kicking my braids for the moment! I am kind of reminded about this when I think of my natural wearing Friend and Sister in Christ. She said I can call her Porsha83. I want to commit to myself that when it is time to take these braids down, I am going to stay natural no matter what. Perhaps, if I "put it in writing" I will be able to ...

I am so late doing this, but here are a few of pictures of Porsha83 . She is my girl, and the “girl” in my graduate program that I wrote about on my first blog post dated Wednesday, February 28, 2007, “Being Natural is True Freedom and Internal Joy”. Her hair is so beautiful to me and so is she. Her hair is so full. It is so textured. I thank you God for the courage this lady has helped me capture. It is such an experience in self-LOVE to go from wearing braids in my hair, to confidently wearing my own natural, textured, short, kinky, coily, wavy, nappy hair. I am looking forward to the next stage (LOCKING MY HAIR).

She told me in class the other day; she is going to lock her hair in the near future too. I believe without a shadow of a doubt this will be so perfect for her, she will be PHENOMENAL!

She is a hair inspiration for me because she started her natural self-LOVE experience with the Big Chop, rocked her TWA and now two years later has abundant beautiful mass of lengthy, voluminous, healthy, natural hair.

Porsha83, if you are reading this, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for helping me get to the “next level” with your excellent support, your true compassion, and your great conversations. I am glad I KNOW YOU!

If anyone out there besides God is listening, feel free to share and post a response.

Sis. RJQueen10