Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IT's OUR Birthday!!!

It is my and twin's birthday today! We have taken to celebrating each day in the month of September!

Sept 1, 2008 Pedicure and New Sunglasses for me and new Sunglasses for my Best Friend and Twin Sister, Grilled some Salmon and feasted on an awesome Chicken Salad (Labor Day off from Work)
Sept 2, 2008 Delivered New Sunglasses to Best Friend and Twin Sister (hung out for a while)
Sept 3, 2008 Worked Out Aerobics with T.S., Mama is helping us Celebrate each day, Made us dinner and bought us lovely brackets and matching necklaces, with the most heartfelt cards I have received in years! I even cried when my twin read her card out loud. She said since we are celebrating each day we can't open the second card til our actually birthday on the 9th!
Sept4, 2008 Worked Out Aerobics with T.S.
Sept 5, 2008 Children with Nana (on a date) and shopping bought new jeans and shirt to match.
Sept 6, 2008 Children with Nana --80 Minute Full Body Massage (26 Minutes Jacuzzi) and treated my T.S. and our (okay my favorite) restaurant Pappadeaux!
Sept 7, 2008 Church and our (okay my favorite) restaurant Pappadeaux! My T.S. had already opened her second birthday card. She mentions to me, you know there is money inside? I immediately ripped it opened. I am glad I did not lose the card, I had been carrying it with me everywhere. I will use the money to buy another lovely gift for my self!
Sept 8, 2008 My childen and I made my birthday cake (lemon flavor and lemon icing). I love them so much, they are so awesome.
Sept 8-12, 2008 church, Church, CHURCH, church, CHURCH! What better place to be on your birthday than in the presence of the LORD! I am honored.
Sept 13 -30 Just having fun and making it up as I (We) go!!!...

RJQueen10 (Photos will be added later--I need to get ready for work!!! and children ready for school!!!)


Nihuru said...

Happy Birthday to you and you sis!
The way you two celebrated is really special.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...
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Sis. RJQueen10 said...


Thank you! Thanks for leaving your comment. I am almost sad to see September is ending; it has been a month of EXECELLENCE AND EXTRAVAGANCE!

Now it is time to get ready for the best birthday celebration ever!!! JESUS! We recognize it as December 25th, or Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the season, yes HE IS! Oh yes, HE IS!!! Kirk Franklin wrote a song about it, it is a wonderful melody!!!


NOTE TO SELF: I deleted last message too Too TOO many typos...

Aya said...

Oh darn, I'm late. Anyway, happy belated birthday!!!! Your locks are looking real good too.