Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Hair is growing

Dear God (and anyone else out there reading me),

Here is a photo I took of myself the first week of March. It is now time to re-tighten my hair. After this is done, I will post agian. It is difficult at times not to compare my hair length to the amount of hair BlaqKofi's mother has accomplished over a similiar length of time of being lock. I remind myself we are a uniquely made.

Sis RJQueen10


naturallyyvette said...

Hi there sis rjqueen10,

I was just browsing the net for pictures of two-strand twist and came across your picture from 2007 when you had the afro. I read your blogs since then and I am very impressed with your journey. I am about to take that step and let go of the braids, the wigs, and the weave and be my natural self.....i have thought about this for a couple of years and all though this past year i sported primarily kinky twist, i realize that they are just like braids and can break your hair off too. I took the kinky twist out on March 30th, and have been wearing my trusty wig ever since. I knew that i was ready to go natural, BUT I also knew that I needed some help because i didn't know what to do with my hair. I knew that i needed some guidance and direction, so i sported the wig until I could find the right help. I noticed a lot of woman in my church over the last two years have been dropping the wigs and weave and going natural, so i inquired to a few of them and even when i would see someone on the street, I would just ask. My natural hair is short and very course and my edges are very thin from braid stress, so I really wanted someone with lots of experience. I actually found a lady last year that has a natural hair shop and spoke with her about my hair. I reconnected with her today and have scheduled my first treatment and then i will go back in two weeks to get my hair two strand locked. I am very excited about this new journey and have been inspired by the many sistas that i have seen and have read their blogs here on the internet. They have shared their journey from braids, proceesed hair, weave, and everything else unnatural to natural hair. I am so glad that woman such as yourself have taken the time to be open and honest about their journey, because it has truly inspired me to take that step out on Faith and do what my heart has been begging me to do for years!!! I know that I can do ALL things through Christ who is my here i go.........

Aya said...

Your locks seem to be doing well, however it is difficult to view them with the picture you posted. I tried to enlarge the picture without success. But with what I am able to see, you look great. looking forward to seeing more pictures. Take care.

blackrussian said...

I wish the picture wasn't so tiny! But from what I can see your hair looks good.

I can identify. I just blogged about my own growth. My hair is shoulder length, but I feel like it should be longer in comparison to others' too!

Maryee said...

Dropping by to say Hi!